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A little Info about us

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A little Info about us
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I am a small California Breeder of AKC Registered Chihuahuas.

I have been breeding Quality Pets for over 35 years.

My Chihuahua history: I obtained 3 little Chihuahuas from a friend who became terminally ill in the 80's. 1 of his little girls was already bred so I waited until she had her babies to find them all homes...

They wagged their way into my heart and as you may guess ... I was hooked !

Below is a little more information about my Chis as well as a news paper clipping from 'The Press Enterprize' when they came to my house and did an interview regarding the rise in popularity of this tiny breed, "Chihuahuas". The picture is one of my "boys" from years ago, Bouncer, a little Blue and Tan spotted on white (Tri).


In the almost '35' years I have been raising dogs, I have had the pleasure of producing some loving and adorable babies. My Chihuahua babies are Apple Head, AKC Registered and come pre-loved. Now a little about me: I started raising my dogs when I purchased a loving Cocker Spaniel named Pheobe almost 35 years ago and after her first litter, I was hooked.

After many years of raising and showing a little in compition, I had the fortune to purchase my first show Chihuahua from Carol Starjack. I found Carol's dogs to be out-standing and she was also very informative in my earlier years with my Chis. Understanding the Chihuahua temperment is important when desiding if this little guy/gal is right for you and your home, so check out more information listed below to get an idea on this tiny breeds history.

 My first priority of course is making sure my baby will be loved and cared for in the manner I wish for each and every one of them. Once that is assured, my second priority is to make sure you get the baby you would want for your life and family. I already love them before you even see them so I know you will understand when I ask you questions about your home, or just want to sit and chat for a little bit so I can understand what it is you want in your future pet and family companion. I will tell you about my babies and which ones I feel might be the best choices for you.

I am willing to ship my babies to you for an additional fee as long as I feel the baby can with stand a flight. I prefer using Continental, however if another airline works better for all concerned, then this might also be arranged.

I guarantee my babies against genetic life threatening ailments for 1 year for a puppy replacement.

Call: 760-887-3355 or Text

E Mail: